We work with the state legislative and executive branches, state regulatory agencies and constitutional officers as well as maintain extensive contacts throughout state government and state agencies as well as with many city and county governments.
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Bill Monitoring

Provided for clients that want to know of any legislation, rules or other departmental promulgations that may impact them.


Alabama ABC Board

We have extensive contacts and experience working with ABC on a broad array of issues from representing members of the industry with issues before the board to the listing of products.

A person agitates people and employees to vote in an election or referendum. Political race, problem solving, propoganda. Business planning and management. Presentation and speech.

Bill Tracking

Available for clients who want to follow particular bills through the legislative process.

Alabama State House/ Alabama State house located Montgomery, Alabama


We assist our clients in the active representation of their interests in the legislature or whatever venue necessary.

Political Consultation

We advise clients on political races, the candidate’s positions on issues and how those positions impact the client’s interests and if desired, the facilitation of the client’s involvement with a particular candidate.

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We assist businesses, contractors and vendors in navigating the complex maze of regulatory and statutory requirements to help prepare a successful contract, bid or RFP to win government or agency contracts.

State Agency and Regulatory Advocacy

We assist clients with issues within the numerous agencies and departments of state government.

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Business COnsultation

Our reputation as an effective, hard working, honest advocate for our clients is our stock in trade.   With our experience and contacts we can help you achieve your objectives.