SB 77 - Privatization of ABC Retail

Re-scheduled for reading and vote on Wednesday April 10th, 2019 at 10AM in Room 825

Sponsored by Senator Orr, this bill would require the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board to adopt, amend, or repeal rules as necessary to phase out the retail sale of alcoholic beverages by the board prior to October 1, 2024, but continue all other functions prescribed by law. This bill would provide for the markup on all alcohol sold by the board; provide for the distribution of proceeds; and provide that liquor sold by the board shall be subject to existing taxes.


SB 129 - Protect Alabama Small Businesses Act

Sponsored by Senator Elliott, this bill would seek the regulation of franchisers and representatives in effort to prevent fraud, unfair business practices and abuses on franchisees.

HB 134 - Companion Bill to above SB 129

Sponsored by Representative Sorrell

SB 166 - Suppliers and Wholesalers

Sponsored by Senator Ward, This bill would change the regulation of contracts governing re-defines relationship.

Sec. 28-9-5.1 added; Sec. 28-9-4

HB 151 - Brewery Modernization Bill

Endangers the Three Tier System!

Sponsored by Representative Nordgren, this bill would authorize manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of alcoholic beverages to enter into certain limited business or financial relationships that comply with federal law.  Under existing law, breweries, wineries, and distilleries may operate an on-site tasting room to dispense and sell their own alcoholic beverages. This bill would allow a licensed manufacturer of alcoholic beverages to dispense and sell at its on-site tasting room, alcoholic beverages that are manufactured in this state but not by the manufacturer, so long as the other manufacturer is under common ownership with the brewery, winery, or distillery.   And more…


SB 96 - Sunday Sales

Sponsored by Senator Whatley, this bill would authorize the county commission of a wet county, by resolution, to permit and regulate the sale of alcoholic beverages during certain hours on Sunday by retail licensees of the ABC Board.

HB 168 - Companion Bill to Above

Sponsored by Rep. Ingram, this bill is the House companion bill to the above SB96 on Sunday Sales

HB 46 - Infusions Bill

Sponsored by Rep. England, this bill deals with the alcoholic beverages, retail licensees, making of infusions using distilled spirits authorized.

Sec. 28-3A-20.3 added; Sec. 28-3A-25 am'd.