Proposed Bill to Privatize AL ABC Retail Locations

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Proposed Bill to Privatize ABC Retail Locations

Sen. Orr has just released Senate Bill 77, a bill that calls for the privatization of the Alabama ABC retail locations throughout the state.


Under existing law, liquor wholesale licensees may sell liquor at wholesale to the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board or as authorized by the board, but not other than to a retail licensee of the board. Under existing law, state liquor stores operated by the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board and certain licensed private retail stores may sell liquor at retail. Under existing law, retail licensees of the board must purchase liquor from the board for resale.This bill would require the AlabamaAlcoholic Beverage Control Board to adopt, amend, or repeal rules as necessary to phase out the retail sale of alcoholic beverages by the board prior to October 1, 2024, but continue all other functions prescribed by law.This bill would provide for the markup on all alcohol sold by the board; provide for the distribution of proceeds; and provide that liquor

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